Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Thank You Arthur Denny.

The very beginning of our city of Seattle was in 1851.   Only six short weeks after the Arthur Denny party made their historic landing from the small schooner known as The Exact, it was Christmas time.  Arthur’s younger brother David, along with a man named John Low, actually walked up from Oregon to scout out our area and return to Arthur to give him the news.

Up until Christmas of 1851 there was a “lean-to” comprised of four walls and little else.  On Christmas Day, along with that structure, now being securely roofed, there was another, larger log house, and two homes built using split-cedar boards, patterned after the dwellings of the local Indians who lived in the region.

Needless to say, during that first Christmas plumbing was NOT a consideration…survival was!  Fast forward 168 years and no Seattle or Snohomish area homeowner can live without it.  That is why our area counts on Shawn Allen to clean up plumbing problems.  If you need a plumber in the Seattle area count on Snohomish plumber Shawn Allen at (425) 367-4744.     

Monday, December 9, 2019

Dec 14th - Sippin & Shoppin Wine Walk

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Stroll through 150 year old streets decorated for the holidays and bustling with shoppers. Surround yourself with history; encounter architecture and attitudes of yesteryear while strolling from shop to shop sampling delicious regional wines.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Take a Moment to Vent.

We could all use one now and then.  Your water heater needs to do so all the time!  All water heater venting systems use a vent duct or pipe (it is also known as a chimney or flue) to bring exhaust gases from the water heater to the wide-open outdoors. The duct may be metal or plastic, depending on the type of vent system you have.

The most common problem associated with water heater venting is a condition called backdrafting (not the fireman movie!).  In this case, exhaust from the water heater fails to exit your home via the vent and instead ends up in the house.  Backdrafting can have many causes, but it is most commonly due to poor vent design or installation.

You don’t necessarily need to know all of this, but Shawn Allen does.  Shawn is professional water heater installer out of Snohomish who services the plumbing needs of the greater Seattle area.  For water heater repair or replacement, or any other common plumbing problem call Shawn Allen at (425) 367-4744.    

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

It is All Interconnected.

That is what it’s like beneath your Seattle area home.  It is out of sight, out of mind, but all of the plumbing fixtures, drains, and pipes in your home are connected to the biggest (and most important) piece of plumbing in your entire home.  That is the main sewer line.  Over time, the main sewer line can take a REAL beating!

Here are some of the common causes of a clogged sewer line –

1.  Broken or ruptured sewer pipes
2.  The line is sunken due to changing soil conditions.
3.  Tree roots…they are lovely to look at above ground, but destructive below.
4.  Every time you pour grease down the drain it takes a toll.

And so on, and so on it goes.  There are plenty of reasons for main sewer lines to “give up the ghost”.  There is one man in Snohomish who can fix it for you.  He is Seattle area drain cleaner Shawn Allen.  At the very first sign of a clogged drain…think about the main sewer line and call Shawn at (425) 367-4744.    

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

What is Repiping?

Maybe you thought it was something your grandpa did when he reloaded his pipe.  As it pertains to your home in the Seattle area, repiping is simply referred to as the process by which all the cold and hot water pipes throughout the entire home are removed and replaced.  Is it time for your home to undergo this process?

Here are a few signs that it may be time –

1.  Your home is more than 50 years old.  That means the pipes are galvanized.
2.  Rust is appearing in your water.  Also, look for lower water pressure.
3.  Frequent leaks in different pipes.

You can hide your head in the sand (until it becomes flooded!), or you can call Shawn Allen.  He is a Snohomish-based plumber who has been serving Seattle area plumbing needs (and emergencies) for decades.  Don’t hesitate.  It may be time to call Shawn your Snohomish plumber at (425) 367-4744. 

Gig Harbor Veterans Day Celebration 2019, Nov 11th

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Annual Gig Harbor Veterans Day Celebration with Lunch and Program

Monday, November 11, 2019

Honoring and expressing gratitude to those men and women who faithfully served our Nation during war and peace.

Monday, October 14, 2019

It’s Just too Important to Trust to an Amateur.

Sometimes a handyman can do the job, but when it comes to the plumbing in your home that may NOT be the case!  Most of your modern day conveniences are linked to the plumbing systems in your home.   Dishwashers, washing machines, toilets, sinks, and hot water heaters are the biggest conveniences that keep our homes running.

What are some of the reasons that you should hire a seasoned, professional plumber?

1.  Time…just call the pro, already.
2.  Money…it’s just the opposite of what you thought, but you can’t afford a money pit.
3.  Experience…nothing beats someone who has done this job hundreds of times.
4.  Peace of Mind…isn’t that what it’s all about?

You can check all the boxes when you hire Shawn Allen to fix your plumbing problem in the Snohomish and greater Seattle area.  He brings over four decades of experience to your plumbing emergency.  Peace of mind…there is no substitute for it!  The next time you need a plumber in Seattle call Shawn Allen at (425) 367-4744.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Snohomish County Halloween Attractions & Events

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"Snohomish county has some of the best Haunted Attractions in Washington. Whether you're looking for a good fright, want to go pumpkin picking, or simply looking to create amazing fall memories, then you'll want to head out to Snohomish county this Halloween season." 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

It’s That Necessary Evil in your Garage.

No, this is not the beginning of some weird horror movie.  It is about that highly efficient, but eventually outdated water heater that allows you to take comfortable showers and wash dishes.  The average life expectancy of a tank water heater is about eight to 15 years.  That’s a wide gap, but know this…after 10 years, its operating efficiency dramatically reduces.

Here are some signs that it is time to replace that old water heater –

1.  Simply its age.
2.  Strange noises are coming from the unit.
3.  The water is suddenly rust-colored.
4.  There is water at the base of the tank.
5.  The water in your shower is not as hot as it used to be.

Shawn Allen has seen thousands of water heaters “give up the ghost”.  If your water heater has reached the end of its shelf life and you live in Snohomish or the greater Seattle area call Shawn.  You can always find him on the web at  Check him out, then give him a call for all of your plumbing needs at (425) 367-4744.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Ballard Oktoberfest, Sept 28th

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Knock back eight-ounce pours of German-style beers at this Ballard Oktoberfest celebration, which also promises food and music.


Monday, September 16, 2019

You’ve Got a Great Set of Pipes.

That is something you would love to hear at Karaoke.  It is also something you wouldn’t mind hearing about your home.  As a Seattle area homeowner, you understand the potential damage that could result from a neglected plumbing leak.  Preventing this possible water damage isn’t always “piece of cake”, especially for homeowners with no plumbing experience.

Here are just some of the common causes for leaks –

1.  Corrosion can eat away at your pipes
2.  Rubber seals degrade over time
3.  Too much water pressure (especially at shower time) could be too much
4.  A crack caused by an accident such as a child throwing a toy at a pipe
5.  The pipes were laid incorrectly in the first place

Pipes can crack or break almost without warning.  If they do so in your Snohomish or Seattle area castle you should call Shawn Allen immediately.  Shawn can be found on the web at  Shawn has served the area for decades and you can count on him to repair your home’s pipes the first time.  Just call Shawn at (425) 367-4744.

Look Ahead: The hottest Seattle events for September 2019

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Your Sump Pump…Repair or Replace.

Let’s face it, for Seattle area homeowners a sump pump is an essential plumbing fixture in many households.  Although it is separate from the main plumbing system, the sump pump prevents flooding by removing storm water that can accumulate in the basement of your home.  Your sump pump should look relatively clean most of the time.

That hard-working sump pump typically lives in your home’s basement in a recession called a sump pit. It’s hidden away down there, it can be “out of sight, out of mind,” but keeping the pump running properly may be all that stands between your basement and a devastating flood entering the rest of your home.

So, if things don’t look right with your sump pump, BEFORE an emergency you need to make a decision if you should have it repaired or replaced.  That answer is a phone call away.  Shawn Allen is the Snohomish and Seattle area’s sump pump expert.  Don’t wait until it is too late!  Call Shawn at (425) 367-4744.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Labor Day Weekend Train Rides

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"The Northwest Railway Museum pays tribute to America’s workers this Labor Day with a special weekday train run of the Museum’s antique train on Monday, September 2nd (as well as all of Labor Day weekend.)"


Monday, August 12, 2019

Let’s Take a Look and See What’s in There.

If the proctologist says that, you are cringing as to what happens next!  When your friendly neighborhood sewer line inspector says that it means that he is going to get to the heart of the problem that you may be having on your property.  Both activities may be a necessity, but let’s talk about the latter.

The obvious purpose of a sewer camera is to be able to see what’s causing a blockage or backup within the sewer pipe itself.  The best part is that the inspector does NOT need to dig up the back yard like he did in the old days…or just guess as to where the problem is occurring.  You can avoid expensive repairs that may not have been needed in the first place.

Do you want to see this for yourself?  We invite you to visit the website of Snohomish, WA area plumber Shawn Allen at  Please click on the video inspection tab and view the actual video to the right.  You will see the steps that Shawn takes to troubleshoot the problem.  Call him today at (425) 367-4744.

Get back-to-school ready at the Microsoft Store, Aug 24th

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"Join us as we share 10 tips & tricks students will love. From immersive reader to OneNote math assistant, student’s will learn how they can use Microsoft tools to help them become independent learners. Students will also receive free back-to-school supplies to kick off their new year."

Friday, August 2, 2019

YWCA’s School Days - Aug 26th

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"YWCA’s School Days is an annual back-to-school program that equips children and teens who live in our emergency shelters, transitional housing, or supportive housing with the school supplies they need to be successful at the start of the new school year." 

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Cleaning a Sewer Line.

Go around the room sometime and ask everyone something they find repugnant.  Then, hit them with…how about cleaning out a sewer line?  I’ll bet that you get plenty of EWWWs!  Cleaning a sewer line is not only nasty business, it is absolutely necessary if you plan on continuing to live in your Seattle area home.

Here are some of the steps that your friendly sewer line cleaner will take –

1.  He will loosen the cap on the drain pipe.
2.  Then, open the cap and let the build-up drain out.
3.  Feed the auger cable into the pipe.
4.  Hose down the pipe.
5.  Then, slowly and skillfully pull the auger from the pipe.

Sounds like a good time, doesn’t it?  Of course not!  It is a routine job for professional sewer line cleaner Shawn Allen.  Shawn is the owner of Allen Plumbing located in Snohomish and serving the greater Seattle area.  He can be found on the web at  Call Shawn and let him do the dirty work at (425) 367-4744.   

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Is It DIY or Isn’t It?

There are many jobs in our life that we tackle on our own.  We paint, we do minor repairs to our residence, maybe we are emboldened enough to work on our cars or even our plumbing.  Enter at your own risk!  If you make a mistake it could be costly, and yet we tackle challenging tasks quite often in the Seattle area.

Why should you hire a plumber?  Here are some reasons –

1.  He has the latest equipment
2.  The solution will more likely be permanent rather than temporary
3.  They can do a detailed diagnosis of the problem
4.  Pure and simple…they are professionals at what they do

Sometimes we may not give enough credence to that final point.  A professional plumber does the job right and guarantees the work when he is finished!  Just such a person is Shawn Allen of Allen Plumbing and found on the web at  Make the right choice, call Shawn for your plumbing needs at (425) 367-4744.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

It all Comes Back to the Sewer Line.

All of your plumbing fixtures including the drains and pipes in your home are connected to the biggest (and most important) piece of plumbing in your entire home…the main sewer line.  Ranging from improper or repeated use of these fixtures, drains, and pipes and many other outside factors, the main sewer line can take a beating.

What are some of the common causes of a clogged sewer line?

1.  Severe damage to the pipes
2.  Sewer lines sag and sink over time with changing soil conditions
3.  Tree roots just keep growing and growing
4.  Too much debris flushed down the toilet
5.  Grease gets repeatedly poured down the drain

Maybe you thought those sewer lines were indestructible, but they definitely are NOT!  Sewer line repair and replacement tasks should always be performed by a certified, professional plumber.  In Snohomish and the greater Seattle area that man and that company is Shawn Allen owner of Allen Plumbing.  Don’t hesitate.  Call (425) 367-4744 today.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Eliminating the Leak.

Before you attack any leaky pipe in your Seattle area kitchen, examine the pipes underneath the sink to identify the culprit.  From the sink drain, the tailpipe leads into a P-trap; a pipe that resembles a "J." The P-trap leads into another pipe, which dumps into the waste line for the house.  If you're not sure which pipe leaks, you may have to replace them all.

Here are some of the steps in the replacement process –

1.  Place a bucket beneath the leaky pipes.
2.  Lay out the new pipes to see how they fit together.
3.  Start from the top and work your way down.
4.  Detach the large nut that secures the P-trap.
5.  Detach the other end and dump the contents into the bucket.

And on and on it goes.  Or just call Shawn Allen to do all of the bending and stretching and to do the job right the first time…guaranteed!  Shawn is known throughout the Snohomish and Seattle area as the go-to guy for plumbing repairs of all types.  Visit his website at then call (425) 367-4744.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Hiring the Right Plumber.

A plumber can come into your home and make or break your castle.  The wrong person for the job could wreak havoc and leave you with greater problems than before you called him.  You can’t afford to hire the wrong mechanic, the wrong surgeon, or the wrong plumber!  So, what do you do before you make that call?

Here are some steps –

1.  Have them produce their license.
2.  What will the total cost be?
3.  When is payment expected?
4.  You should know who is doing the work.
5.  What happens if something breaks?
6.  Who cleans up the mess when they are done?

Let’s see…check all of the boxes when you hire the services of Shawn Allen.  He has become known as the go-to guy for plumbing repair in Snohomish,Washington and throughout the Seattle area.  Whenever you have a plumbing problem you can call Shawn with confidence.  THE Snohomish plumber at (425) 367-4744.     

Monday, May 13, 2019

Is Installing a Kitchen Appliance a DIY Job?

I’m sure you would like to think it is.  If you are handy, then why not install your own refrigerator, dish washer, or garbage disposal?  Installing appliances takes a certain amount of know-how, but some people in the Seattle area are capable of tackling the task if they familiarize themselves with the process and follow it religiously.

Here are some steps –

1.  Make sure there is plenty of room in which to fit the new appliance.
2.  When the door swings open, does it hit something?
3.  Check the wattage so that you don’t overload the circuit.
4.  Shut off the water or the gas.
5.  Make sure that the newly installed appliance is level.

You COULD do it, I suppose, but why not spend a little and have complete peace of mind.  Call Shawn Allen the Snohomish plumber who has been serving the Seattle area’s plumbing needs for decades.  Installing new appliances is not a plumbing emergency.  Don’t turn it into one!  Call Shawn your trusted plumber in Snohomish at (425) 367-4744.     

Friday, May 3, 2019

I Love Living in the Woods.

There are times when having a lot of trees on your property is a beautiful thing, then there are the times when those tree roots infiltrate your sewer pipes resulting in potential disaster on your property.  Don’t assume that cutting down the trees will alleviate your problem.  Clay and cast iron are rarely used these days because of those loose-fitting joints that tree roots can penetrate.

Here are some steps that may need to be taken –

1.  Digging up the old line and replacing it with plastic
2.  Poisoning the old tree roots that are causing the problem
3.  Covering the existing pipe with plastic fabric and cement

Do you have the equipment, the expertise, and the basic knowledge to do all of this safely and completely?  Shawn Allen does!  Shawn is your Snohomish full-service plumbing professional.  Sewer repair is just one of the many services that he provides in the Seattle area.  Contact Snohomish plumber Shawn Allen at (425) 367-4744.   

Monday, April 15, 2019

Spring Rains Could Cause Sump Pump Failures.

Yes, even here in the Seattle whenever it rains (statistics show that spring is NOT our rainiest time of year) sump pumps are in jeopardy of failing.  With over-saturated soil, repeated showers with little interval between them cause problems.  It is a simple equation…more water with nowhere to go equals hard work for your sump pump.

Just one good spring rain can cause your sump pump to fail if it hasn’t been serviced and maintained properly.  Sump pumps need to be checked regularly—usually once in the spring and once in the winter.  If you don’t have your sump pump checked at least once a year, you may need to be ready to handle residual damage to your home!

By the way, we have not even addressed the fact that you simply need a new one.  Whether it’s repair, a check-up, or a replacement the sump pump pro in Snohomish is Shawn Allen.  Shawn is THE Snohomish plumber serving the surrounding Seattle area.  Just give Shawn a call any time to check out your sump pump at (425) 367-4744.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Sewer Cleaning…How Much do you Want to Know?

The very thought of cleaning a sewer can send some people into nausea.  It is one of those unpleasant tasks that people ACTUALLY train to do.  Since one of those people is not you it is important to know that an abundance of unscrupulous entrepreneurs in the sewer and drain-cleaning business has led to an all-time low in trustworthiness for the industry!

Here are some tips to avoid unnecessary service –

1.  Spot the wrong questions so you are not preyed upon as an elderly person.
2.  Beware of those traveling in pairs playing “good cop…bad cop”.
3.  Make sure that watching a video inspection is really done live on YOUR property.
4.  Do a little research on the sewer cleaner that you hire.

How does over four decades of expertise in the field of sewer cleaning sound?  That is what Shawn Allen of brings to the table!  Shawn has been up to his knees in (you know what) more times than he can count, and YOU can count on him.  For honest sewer cleaning in the Seattle area call Shawn at (425) 367-4744.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Find that Leak…Find that Leak.

There are few things more annoying in your life than seeing leaks in your home and not knowing where they are coming from.  The best way to determine if you have a leak in your home’s plumbing system, is check your water meter.  Some folks in the Seattle area may not know where their water meter is located.

Here are some steps –

1.  Check the leak indicator to make sure it is moving
2.  Read the meter, then go back in a couple of hours and read it again
3.  Shut off the main water valve
4.  Call a plumber

Let’s face it…that last option may well be the best!  The right plumber for the job of detecting and fixing leaks in the Seattle area is Snohomish plumber Shawn Allen.  He has been around a long time checking for leaks in our homes.  He knows how to quickly find them and STOP them.  Give Shawn Allen a call at (425) 367-4744.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

St Patrick’s Day in Seattle

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"St Patrick’s Day in Seattle invites everybody to be Irish for the day. Unlike parades in other American cities, the Seattle St Patrick’s Day parade welcomes the public to participate in the procession."

Monday, March 4, 2019

How Many Plumbers Do You Need on the Job?

Have you ever thought about that?  When you call a plumber for an emergency how many people show up at your home to repair the problem?  Unless someone is studying as an apprentice the answer almost always is one.  Yes, one plumber will almost always be able to achieve the results you seek.

If a plumbing company has 25 plumbers working for it that rarely does you any good.  Perhaps you should look at it this way…if, for any reason, you have questions for the plumber who shows up to repair that leak, replace your water heater, unclog your drain(s), etc. he is the court of last resort.  You won’t hear…let me ask the boss and get back to you!

That is the luxury of hiring Shawn Allen.  Shawn is a sole-proprietor plumber out of Snohomish, WA serving any and all plumbing needs in the Seattle Metro.  When a plumbing problem arises at your castle or at your business remember his name.  It is Shawn Allen The Snohomish plumber at (425) 367-4744.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Dig…Dig…Dig a Well.

Here is an interesting fact.  About 97% of our fresh water supply is hidden beneath the Earth’s surface in underground aquifers.  There are over fifteen million water wells in America.  Why have a well?  Well, (no pun intended) it is a great source of fresh, clean drinking and bathing water for the residents of that property.

There are three commonly seen wells in the U.S.  They are –

1.  Old wells that are seen in some rural areas often protected by a home-made roof
2.  Drilled wells.  These are the most common using a machine
3.  Driven wells.  They consist of a special perforated pipe that is pounded into the ground

Digging a new, efficient well is one of the talents of veteran Snohomish and Seattle area plumber Shawn Allen.  Shawn has been digging wells since there were holes…well, not really.  Shawn Allen has served all of the plumbing needs of the Seattle area for more than four decades.  Call anytime day or night at (425) 367-4744.

Monday, February 4, 2019

A Plan for Bathroom Remodeling.

Wintertime is a great time in the Snohomish and Seattle area to consider remodeling one or more of your home’s bathrooms.  Start with this premise…there are hundreds of ideas!  Is it a stand-alone shower or tub you are looking for?  Perhaps it’s a tub shower combination?  Maybe a single sink or double vanity?  How about a hanging toilet or pedestal?

These are many of the questions and considerations that go into bringing your new bathroom design to life.  The best bathroom design ideas require close attention to detail and quality workmanship.  Discuss your dreams and options with a professional bathroom remodeling expert in the Seattle area before you proceed.

Shawn Allen has helped with bathroom design and installation for decades.  This is the guy to rely on for the installation of fixtures.  While he is located in Snohomish, he travels around the Seattle Metro.  Bring your dreams to reality and let Shawn help!  Give Shawn Allen a call to come to your home at (425) 367-4744.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Water Heater Budget.

Everyone who has a home in the Seattle area also has some sort of budget.  What do you allocate for household necessities?  Can you “get by” for another year or so without replacing a major appliance?  Your water heater should probably be a part of that budget.  When should you have it checked and/or replaced?

Should you repair or replace?  Here are some tips –

1.  How old is the unit?  A good barometer is 10 years for traditional water heaters.
2.  Are you turning the shower dial more and more to get hot water?
3.  Has it ever been repaired without being replaced?
4.  Do you have the budget right now for a brand new one?

Let me inspect your home’s water heater to see if it is time to fix it up or install a new one.  My name is Shawn Allen.  I am a Snohomish and Seattle area full-service plumber with particular expertise when it comes to water heaters.  For any plumbing inspection or emergency in our area you can count on my decades of experience.  Just call (425) 367-4744.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

82 free and cheap things to do this weekend

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Free and cheap things to do in the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan region this coming weekend.