Wednesday, July 3, 2019

It all Comes Back to the Sewer Line.

All of your plumbing fixtures including the drains and pipes in your home are connected to the biggest (and most important) piece of plumbing in your entire home…the main sewer line.  Ranging from improper or repeated use of these fixtures, drains, and pipes and many other outside factors, the main sewer line can take a beating.

What are some of the common causes of a clogged sewer line?

1.  Severe damage to the pipes
2.  Sewer lines sag and sink over time with changing soil conditions
3.  Tree roots just keep growing and growing
4.  Too much debris flushed down the toilet
5.  Grease gets repeatedly poured down the drain

Maybe you thought those sewer lines were indestructible, but they definitely are NOT!  Sewer line repair and replacement tasks should always be performed by a certified, professional plumber.  In Snohomish and the greater Seattle area that man and that company is Shawn Allen owner of Allen Plumbing.  Don’t hesitate.  Call (425) 367-4744 today.

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