Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kitchen Remodeling Tips.

Here are some tips to remember when remodeling your kitchen.  Be sharp when storing your knives.  What we mean by that is, keep it easy to spot the right knife for the job and keep the dangerous ones out of the reach of kids.  Make recycling simple.  Equip a cabinet with separate containers for glass, plastic, and metal.

Here are some more tips.  Put kids' favorite dishes and snack foods on shelves or in drawers they can reach.  Cut cleaning time.  Careful design decisions make cleaning easy.  Arrange the range.  Place a shelf somewhere either beside or behind the range to keep cooking oils, utensils, and spices within easy reach.

But here is the best tip of all.  If you live in the Seattle area choose the right man for the job.  He is Snohomish kitchen remodeling professional Shawn Allen.  Give him a call and have him come into your home to estimate what he will do for you to give your kitchen a beautiful new look.  That phone number is (425) 367-4744.

Bruno Mars!

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Monday, July 3, 2017

What is Orangeburg Pipe?

It sounds like a decent name for a rock band doesn’t it?  It may actually be lying beneath your home or business.  Orangeburg pipe is also known as “fiber conduit”.  It is bitumenized fiber pipe made from layers of wood pulp and pitch pressed together.  That was about as clear as sewage wasn’t it?

Sometime around the 1970’s it became obsolete and was replaced by PVC pipe for water delivery and ABS pipe for drain-waste-vent (DWV) applications.  Oh, by the way, the name comes from the town in New York where it was manufactured.  The point is, if you have old piping then it could be Orangeburg.

Over time there is a gradual wear and tear that can damage sewer lines in homes that were built before 1970.  Do you fall into this category?  After all of these years it may be your time to have these problems.  That is when you call Shawn Allen.  He is Snohomish and Seattle’s expert at replacing Orangeburg pipe.  Call him today at (425) 367-4744.