Monday, January 16, 2017

Home Owners Insurance for Sewer Lines.

Does your home owners insurance cover a sewer line that has been broken?  There are things to consider here.  There is the replacement cost as well as the damage that a broken sewer line can do to your valuables.  You want to talk about holding your nose?  This could be devastating in a couple of different ways!

Of course, every homeowner’s policy is a little bit different.  MOST of these policies pay for some of the costs of replacing faulty wiring or interior plumbing.  Any exterior plumbing problems are often ignored.  One of the first things that your home insurer will want to know is “where did the break occur”?  Was it within your home’s foundation?

These are not topics that we want to think about, but in the dead of winter it is a good time to give it a bit of thought.  One thing you don’t have to think about is whom to call in the Seattle area if a sewer line breaks and causes damage in and around your home.  It all starts with Snohomish master plumber Shawn Allen.  Always keep his number handy (425) 367-4744.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Full Service Plumber for 2017.

Let’s run through the checklist.  Reliability - being there when you need a plumber, not 3 days later when the crisis is overwhelming your household.  Integrity - doing that plumbing job effectively and affordably every time, not just once in a while.  Satisfaction - the most important of this trio of equations.  You have to be satisfied with the work or what good was it?

Check, check, and check.  In Snohomish, Washington that man has been coming to your home and business for nearly four decades.  The Trump administration is about to begin and Shawn Allen has been repairing plumbing problems around the Snohomish area since Jimmy Carter was in office!  He must have plenty of satisfied customers.

In 2017 if the subject is a cranky water heater, a sewer or drain back-up, kitchen and bath fixtures, and pumps not working properly your man is Shawn.  The Seattle area has had its share of plumbers come and go over the years, but standing strong is Shawn Allen of  We hope that your 2017 is free of plumbing problems, but when you need the best, call Shawn at (425) 367-4744.