Tuesday, April 21, 2020

When Did You Build a Swimming Pool in your Front Yard?

That’s no swimming pool, that’s a built-up pool of water formed from a potential broken pipe.  The two most common sources of the leak are 1.) The main service line between the shut off valve and the water meter…and…2.) your irrigation system.  You need a professional plumber to locate the exact source.

Water comes into your home from the city’s water main, through your water meter and then travels underground through the main service line to your home’s shutoff valve.  The water must be turned off the main valve.  Then, look for a metal lid on a concrete box near the curb.  Finally, read the meter for the leak.

Let the fun begin!  Your chosen plumber will then fix the problem to your satisfaction…guaranteed.  For that last part, in Snohomish and the Seattle area always call on the services of Shawn Allen.  For decades Shawn has been known as The Snohomish Plumber.  Just look him up, then call (425) 367-4744.       

Monday, April 6, 2020

Rub a Dub Dub…Your Family in a Tub.

Let’s start with one inveterate truth…installing a tub isn’t an easy do-it-yourself project because it involves working with a large, heavy object in a small space.  If you have any misgivings (or an epiphany of common sense!) about doing it, hire a plumber who has the experience to install it and the license to hook up the fixtures.

Here are a few steps that the very best of the DIY’S would take –

1.  Push the tub into the enclosure and mark the top of the flange on the wall studs.
2.  Measure and mark the location for the top of the ledger.
3.  Use coarse drywall screws to fasten the ledger board horizontally.

Really?  There is NO WAY that you want to tackle this!  Even then, where is the guarantee that the tub will not leak?  That is why you call Shawn.  He is Shawn Allen THE Snohomish and Seattle area plumber found on the web at plumbersnohomish.com.  Call Shawn and he will have you rub-a-dub dubbing in no time.  That number is (425) 367-4744.