Monday, January 14, 2019

Water Heater Budget.

Everyone who has a home in the Seattle area also has some sort of budget.  What do you allocate for household necessities?  Can you “get by” for another year or so without replacing a major appliance?  Your water heater should probably be a part of that budget.  When should you have it checked and/or replaced?

Should you repair or replace?  Here are some tips –

1.  How old is the unit?  A good barometer is 10 years for traditional water heaters.
2.  Are you turning the shower dial more and more to get hot water?
3.  Has it ever been repaired without being replaced?
4.  Do you have the budget right now for a brand new one?

Let me inspect your home’s water heater to see if it is time to fix it up or install a new one.  My name is Shawn Allen.  I am a Snohomish and Seattle area full-service plumber with particular expertise when it comes to water heaters.  For any plumbing inspection or emergency in our area you can count on my decades of experience.  Just call (425) 367-4744.


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