Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Hiring the Right Plumber.

A plumber can come into your home and make or break your castle.  The wrong person for the job could wreak havoc and leave you with greater problems than before you called him.  You can’t afford to hire the wrong mechanic, the wrong surgeon, or the wrong plumber!  So, what do you do before you make that call?

Here are some steps –

1.  Have them produce their license.
2.  What will the total cost be?
3.  When is payment expected?
4.  You should know who is doing the work.
5.  What happens if something breaks?
6.  Who cleans up the mess when they are done?

Let’s see…check all of the boxes when you hire the services of Shawn Allen.  He has become known as the go-to guy for plumbing repair in Snohomish,Washington and throughout the Seattle area.  Whenever you have a plumbing problem you can call Shawn with confidence.  THE Snohomish plumber at (425) 367-4744.     

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