Friday, September 15, 2017

Experience vs. Apprentice.

Before you pick up that phone next time think about whom is going to come into your home or business and fix your toilet, your sink, your water heater, your sump pump (NOT IN your home, I hope), etc.  Do you want an experienced veteran or someone who is cutting their teeth working for a large plumbing company?

Perhaps the choice lies in reputation.  Since the apprentice does not have one yet, it reverts to the veteran plumber with years of success in his chosen field.  If that particular plumber did all of the above repairs and has done them since the 1970’s I think I might take a careful look at his website and check him out.

So, do it!  If you live in the Seattle area visit  Shawn Allen has been doing all of this and more out of Snohomish WA for about 4 decades.  As a master plumber working in the Seattle metro he truly is the last plumber that you will ever need to call.  Next time, pick up the phone and punch in (425) 367-4744.

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