Thursday, December 13, 2018

Dreaming of a White Christmas.

Here in Seattle, which is not exactly noted for its excessive snowfall, just what are the chances that we will have a white Christmas?  With all due respect to the late Bing Crosby…they are not very good.  The most recent snowfall on Christmas Day was in 2008 when just under a half-inch of the white stuff fell in the Seattle area.

However, just the year before, there was nearly an inch of snow on December 25th.  What’s the record, you say?  Well, for those of you who remember 1909 (By the way, I would like to meet you) the Seattle Metro had a measurable one and four-fifths inches of snow fall on Christmas Day.  Imagine those new “horseless carriages” trying to negotiate that!

Whatever 2018 may bring rest comfortably that the very next day Shawn Allen one of Seattle’s top plumbers will be on the job fixing what ails your toilet, your shower, your sink, or your sewage system.  From plumber Shawn Allen of to all of the Seattle area Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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