Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kitchen Remodeling Tips.

Here are some tips to remember when remodeling your kitchen.  Be sharp when storing your knives.  What we mean by that is, keep it easy to spot the right knife for the job and keep the dangerous ones out of the reach of kids.  Make recycling simple.  Equip a cabinet with separate containers for glass, plastic, and metal.

Here are some more tips.  Put kids' favorite dishes and snack foods on shelves or in drawers they can reach.  Cut cleaning time.  Careful design decisions make cleaning easy.  Arrange the range.  Place a shelf somewhere either beside or behind the range to keep cooking oils, utensils, and spices within easy reach.

But here is the best tip of all.  If you live in the Seattle area choose the right man for the job.  He is Snohomish kitchen remodeling professional Shawn Allen.  Give him a call and have him come into your home to estimate what he will do for you to give your kitchen a beautiful new look.  That phone number is (425) 367-4744.

Bruno Mars!

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Come see Bruno Mars in Tacoma!
July 24, 2017 - Monday   7:30 PM 
Tacoma Dome

Monday, July 3, 2017

What is Orangeburg Pipe?

It sounds like a decent name for a rock band doesn’t it?  It may actually be lying beneath your home or business.  Orangeburg pipe is also known as “fiber conduit”.  It is bitumenized fiber pipe made from layers of wood pulp and pitch pressed together.  That was about as clear as sewage wasn’t it?

Sometime around the 1970’s it became obsolete and was replaced by PVC pipe for water delivery and ABS pipe for drain-waste-vent (DWV) applications.  Oh, by the way, the name comes from the town in New York where it was manufactured.  The point is, if you have old piping then it could be Orangeburg.

Over time there is a gradual wear and tear that can damage sewer lines in homes that were built before 1970.  Do you fall into this category?  After all of these years it may be your time to have these problems.  That is when you call Shawn Allen.  He is Snohomish and Seattle’s expert at replacing Orangeburg pipe.  Call him today at (425) 367-4744.

Friday, June 30, 2017

4th of July Events in Seattle

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As always, we have a large list of Seattle July 4th weekend events including parties, dinners, shows, etc. In 2017, July 4th falls on a Tuesday, so there will be celebrations and large events all weekend!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Stop the Presses…I Smell Sewage!

You talk about things that bring your family to a standstill.  One of worst is the pungent odor of sewage.  Now there’s a smell that will stick with you for a long, long while!  It happens to so many people and it does not matter what your financial status is.  Sewer lines do not respect socio-economic barriers.

Sometimes an old clay pipe will be broken by tree roots.  You can’t see it coming.  From the surface the tree looks healthy.  The fact is, it is growing at its normal pace, but there is a sewer pipe in its way.  Which one of those do you think will win that battle?  There are also “belly” pipes in the Seattle area that may be broken.

Certainly, no one wants to put on their work boots and overalls and get down in there themselves.  Your professional sewer line replacement expert in the Snohomish, WA area is Shawn Allen.  Shawn has gotten “down and dirty” with sewage backups for decades.  Call him immediately at (425) 367-4744.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Make Your Father's Day Plans!

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"Father’s Day takes place on June 18, 2017 and there will be many Seattle & Washington events brunch & dinner, music, art walks, & more."

Thursday, June 1, 2017

2017 Summer Guide - Seattle

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Planning out your summer? Use this interactive guide to find activities around Seattle, May through August 2017, from festivals to pool time to Fourth of July activities.

Inspect that Sump Pump.

If there was ever a DIY job that was NOT meant to be done it is this one.  You might as well volunteer to be an underwater boat repairer.  Put on your SCUBA gear and dive in!  I don’t think so.  When a home’s sump pump goes down the family may be in panic mode.  The smell alone is enough to kill you.

A professional knows the 5 things to inspect on your sump pump system -

1.  The Alarm (if it exists)
2.  The Check Valve
3.  The Backup Power Source
4.  The Pit where the water gathers
5.  The Discharge Point

You don’t go messing around with these things yourself unless YOU are a master plumber.  In the Seattle area, BEFORE you experience a sump pump emergency you call Shawn Allen.  Shawn is your Snohomish master sump pump inspector.  Do not subject your family to that smell this summer!  Call (425) 367-4744 today.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Memorial Day in Seattle

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"Some things to do on Memorial Day 2017 Seattle include camping, fishing and golfing. Want to do something at night in Seattle for Memorial Day 2017? Check out the Seattle Nightlife Guide or the Seattle Restaurants Guide."

Save Money on Plumbing Repair.

That sounds good to me.  Plumbers can charge just about anything they want when you are faced with an emergency.  I want to get to know my plumber like I do my auto mechanic, my family doctor, or my dentist.  It really is THAT important to have one person with whom you trust ALL of your home’s plumbing repair.
After a Seattle winter what is your general plumbing situation?  Could a pipe be leaking?  Is the sewer backing up?  Are toilets and sinks in your home draining more slowly?  It would be nice to have one person who is able to troubleshoot every one of those problems.  You would prefer it to be a “veteran” of the plumbing wars.

Just such an individual is right here in Snohomish.  He is Shawn Allen.  Shawn is your Seattle area full-service plumbing professional.  Visit his website to see this fact for yourself at www.plumbersnohomish.com.  See all that he does and how long he has been doing it.  Call him today at (425) 367-4744.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mother's Day in Seattle!

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"Mother’s Day takes place on May 14, 2017, & there will be many Seattle & Washington events including brunch and dinner specials, music, theater, art walks, & more."

Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring time…Sewer time.

Like it or not, this may be the perfect time to schedule a sewer inspection.  Have you smelled any foul odors around your home?  (Insert joke here).  Perhaps a pipe has cracked during the winter or the ground has shifted.  It’s Spring and the tree roots are growing.  They are often the #1 culprit of sewer problems.

It takes a true professional who has been knee-deep in you know what to diagnose the problem.  A video inspection may be the first step.  He will then be able to see if repair or replacement of the pipe is necessary.  In the older homes around the Seattle area those sewer pipes were constructed of clay or cast iron and are vulnerable to tree roots.

Is four decades of experience good enough for you?  That is what Snohomish sewer repair professional Shawn Allen brings to the table.  He has seen it all and repaired it all over the years.  If it is a private home or a large corporate building Shawn is your man to clean up the gunk!  Give him a call right away at (425) 367-4744.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Cinco de Mayo in Seattle!

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"Cinco de Mayo is a day to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride while it is also another great reason to party! Much like St Patricks Day and Oktoberfest, Cinco de Mayo in Seattle Washington has several events and parties at local restaurants & bars. No matter your reasoning for celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Seattle WA, you will find plenty of things to do."

Having a Family Plumber.

Do you have one auto repair shop that you always go to for regular maintenance as well as major repairs?  Do you have a dentist that the adults in your family go to because you trust him/her?  Shouldn’t you say the same thing about the “family plumber”.  The family plumber is someone who does ALL of the tasks large and small and will never do more than you need.

What a comfort it is to know that when the sink or toilet needs fixing you can call him.  When a water heater needs to be installed or repaired you call the same guy.  If you are thinking of remodeling the kitchen…ditto.  And if the sewer line ever needs to be cleaned you have the same “guy Friday” just a phone call away.

Residents of Snohomish, Washington have had that peace of mind for decades.  He is full-service Snohomish plumber Shawn Allen.  If you are new to the area visit www.plumbersnohomish.com.  Look at all of the services he provides and make him your family plumber.  Give him a call at (425) 367-4744.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Installing a New Toilet.

I can’t think of anything that I would rather do less…can you?  Yech, yech, and yech!  But, somebody has to do it when that old toilet bites the dust.  Whether the toilet in question is just not flushing properly anymore or it just has become disgusting to the eye and you have been noticing its defects more and more these days.

When you get right down to it there are plenty of running parts to the standard toilet.  Among them are the tank, the float, the flush mechanism, the coupling bolt, the shut-off valve, the supply line, the cold water supply pipe, and much more.  The list goes on and on.  Replacing all of this properly is NOT a DIY job.

A professional plumber with years of experience replacing toilets is the only right answer.  When it is time to replace that old bowl call on Snohomish toilet replacement expert Shawn Allen.  He will do the job efficiently and inexpensively so you can get “back to business”.  All you have to do is call Snohomish master plumber Shawn Allen at (425) 367-4744.

Easter is coming! Plan your Spring Egg Hunt.

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When: Apr 15 - Apr 16 at 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Where: Lower Queen Anne, Seattle Children's Museum, 305 Harrison St., Seattle, Wa
Cost: $5-8
Ages: 1-10

Monday, March 13, 2017

Getting to the Root of the Problem.

No doubt about it, the “root” cause of sewer problems is more often than not caused by the deep roots of trees on your property.  It is quite simple really.  If you own a home or business for any length of time the roots have reached deeper and deeper into the ground.  Eventually there will be a confrontation with the sewer line.

What is the purpose of a tree root anyway?  Well, the root keeps the tree upright and stores food, water, and other nutrients.  This is a living organism after all, so it will do everything that it can to preserve its life and health.  As far as grasses and garden plants go they have a fibrous root system that only grows in the upper soil so your sewer line is not threatened.

When push comes to shove those powerful, continuously growing roots will win the battle between nature and a man-made sewer line.  When that occurs, there is one clear-cut choice in the Seattle area.  That is Snohomish plumber Shawn Allen.  He has been “rooting” around sewers for decades.  Give him a call right away at (425) 367-4744.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Don't Miss These Classical Events Happening Around Seattle and Bellevue

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Seattle Marimba Quartet, Tafelmusik, Early Music Underground and Seattle Symphony all have concerts March 10-17.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Kitchen Remodeling.

You have been cooped up all winter and the cabin fever has caused you to look at your kitchen with a jaundiced eye.  Is it time to spruce up the place where you spend potentially hours every day?  A new sink and new appliances may require new fixtures.  Don’t behave like an amateur and try to install these important items yourself.

The truth is…the toughest thing about replacing a kitchen faucet is removing the old one.  Until you get in there you don’t realize the problems that can and probably will ensue.  Maybe the pipes are corroded.  Unless you are a snake, you can’t reach those difficult areas below.

Come on now - drop the wrench and step away from the sink!  You need the work of a professional plumber who won’t charge you an arm and a leg.  The answer, as always, is affordable Snohomish, WA plumber Shawn Allen.  For virtually all of your plumbing and installation needs in the area call Shawn at (425) 367-4744 and have it done correctly the first time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How Many Plumbers Do You Need on the Scene?

The normal plumbing emergency requires that one plumber show up at your home and fix the problem…right?  I mean, that’s the way it always plays out.  The question is why do you need to hire some national company with a fleet of plumbers who have different levels of skill to fix a toilet?  Why not trust ONE plumber to do all of your work?

The point is this - when a plumbing company has a higher overhead you will end up paying for it.  In the Seattle area, there are hundreds of choices when you need a toilet installed or repaired, a water heater repaired or replaced, a sewer line cleaned or completely replaced.  One job…one man.  There is no price that you can put on trust.

For two generations people of Snohomish and the Seattle area know they can trust master plumber Shawn Allen for just about any plumbing need that will ever arise.  Isn’t is better to save money and know whom is working around your house?  The next time a plumbing emergency rears its ugly head, call Snohomish plumber Shawn Allen at (425) 367-4744.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Is it Time for a New Water Heater?

In the life of a home certain appliances eventually “give up the ghost”.  One of those important ones is your water heater.  How old is your current model?  Here is a general rule of thumb…if your water heater is eight years old or more then be ready for the inevitable.  Electric heaters may last about two years longer than gas.

Proper maintenance may be the key to your water heater’s longevity.  If you keep an eye on it and have it serviced when it is repairable then you might even squeeze double its lifespan.  The bad news is you may have bought a lemon.  Just like a car, a defective water heater can start acting up in just a few years.

Whatever shall be shall be as the saying goes.  One thing is certain…you don’t have to give a second thought about whom to call in the Seattle area if a water heater needs to be repaired or replaced in your home.  It all starts with Snohomish master plumber, Shawn Allen.  Call this number for fast and reliable water heater service at (425) 367-4744.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Home Owners Insurance for Sewer Lines.

Does your home owners insurance cover a sewer line that has been broken?  There are things to consider here.  There is the replacement cost as well as the damage that a broken sewer line can do to your valuables.  You want to talk about holding your nose?  This could be devastating in a couple of different ways!

Of course, every homeowner’s policy is a little bit different.  MOST of these policies pay for some of the costs of replacing faulty wiring or interior plumbing.  Any exterior plumbing problems are often ignored.  One of the first things that your home insurer will want to know is “where did the break occur”?  Was it within your home’s foundation?

These are not topics that we want to think about, but in the dead of winter it is a good time to give it a bit of thought.  One thing you don’t have to think about is whom to call in the Seattle area if a sewer line breaks and causes damage in and around your home.  It all starts with Snohomish master plumber Shawn Allen.  Always keep his number handy (425) 367-4744.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Full Service Plumber for 2017.

Let’s run through the checklist.  Reliability - being there when you need a plumber, not 3 days later when the crisis is overwhelming your household.  Integrity - doing that plumbing job effectively and affordably every time, not just once in a while.  Satisfaction - the most important of this trio of equations.  You have to be satisfied with the work or what good was it?

Check, check, and check.  In Snohomish, Washington that man has been coming to your home and business for nearly four decades.  The Trump administration is about to begin and Shawn Allen has been repairing plumbing problems around the Snohomish area since Jimmy Carter was in office!  He must have plenty of satisfied customers.

In 2017 if the subject is a cranky water heater, a sewer or drain back-up, kitchen and bath fixtures, and pumps not working properly your man is Shawn.  The Seattle area has had its share of plumbers come and go over the years, but standing strong is Shawn Allen of www.plumbersnohomish.com.  We hope that your 2017 is free of plumbing problems, but when you need the best, call Shawn at (425) 367-4744.