Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Detecting a Leak in an Underground Pipe.

Unless you’re a mole reading this (that would be quite a fake news story!) you need a professional plumber to detect leaky underground pipes.  First of all, they are very difficult to detect even by a pro.  Why is that?  The fact is, they often produce zero water that can be detected from above the ground.

If a leak has occurred, the soil around it will probably be saturated causing the grass to be especially green.  You may notice that your usually bone-dry basement now has a slight leak running down one of the walls.  Here is something you can detect…your water bills are suddenly exceedingly higher.

Troubleshooting a leaky underground pipe can be very expensive if you hire a plumber who tries to sell you services that you don’t necessarily need.  That will never happen with Shawn Allen, a Snohomish, WA based plumber for decades.  If you have a problem with leaks in the Seattle area please call Shawn immediately at (425) 367-4744.

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