Thursday, June 15, 2017

Stop the Presses…I Smell Sewage!

You talk about things that bring your family to a standstill.  One of worst is the pungent odor of sewage.  Now there’s a smell that will stick with you for a long, long while!  It happens to so many people and it does not matter what your financial status is.  Sewer lines do not respect socio-economic barriers.

Sometimes an old clay pipe will be broken by tree roots.  You can’t see it coming.  From the surface the tree looks healthy.  The fact is, it is growing at its normal pace, but there is a sewer pipe in its way.  Which one of those do you think will win that battle?  There are also “belly” pipes in the Seattle area that may be broken.

Certainly, no one wants to put on their work boots and overalls and get down in there themselves.  Your professional sewer line replacement expert in the Snohomish, WA area is Shawn Allen.  Shawn has gotten “down and dirty” with sewage backups for decades.  Call him immediately at (425) 367-4744.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Make Your Father's Day Plans!

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"Father’s Day takes place on June 18, 2017 and there will be many Seattle & Washington events brunch & dinner, music, art walks, & more."

Thursday, June 1, 2017

2017 Summer Guide - Seattle

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Planning out your summer? Use this interactive guide to find activities around Seattle, May through August 2017, from festivals to pool time to Fourth of July activities.

Inspect that Sump Pump.

If there was ever a DIY job that was NOT meant to be done it is this one.  You might as well volunteer to be an underwater boat repairer.  Put on your SCUBA gear and dive in!  I don’t think so.  When a home’s sump pump goes down the family may be in panic mode.  The smell alone is enough to kill you.

A professional knows the 5 things to inspect on your sump pump system -

1.  The Alarm (if it exists)
2.  The Check Valve
3.  The Backup Power Source
4.  The Pit where the water gathers
5.  The Discharge Point

You don’t go messing around with these things yourself unless YOU are a master plumber.  In the Seattle area, BEFORE you experience a sump pump emergency you call Shawn Allen.  Shawn is your Snohomish master sump pump inspector.  Do not subject your family to that smell this summer!  Call (425) 367-4744 today.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Memorial Day in Seattle

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"Some things to do on Memorial Day 2017 Seattle include camping, fishing and golfing. Want to do something at night in Seattle for Memorial Day 2017? Check out the Seattle Nightlife Guide or the Seattle Restaurants Guide."

Save Money on Plumbing Repair.

That sounds good to me.  Plumbers can charge just about anything they want when you are faced with an emergency.  I want to get to know my plumber like I do my auto mechanic, my family doctor, or my dentist.  It really is THAT important to have one person with whom you trust ALL of your home’s plumbing repair.
After a Seattle winter what is your general plumbing situation?  Could a pipe be leaking?  Is the sewer backing up?  Are toilets and sinks in your home draining more slowly?  It would be nice to have one person who is able to troubleshoot every one of those problems.  You would prefer it to be a “veteran” of the plumbing wars.

Just such an individual is right here in Snohomish.  He is Shawn Allen.  Shawn is your Seattle area full-service plumbing professional.  Visit his website to see this fact for yourself at  See all that he does and how long he has been doing it.  Call him today at (425) 367-4744.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mother's Day in Seattle!

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"Mother’s Day takes place on May 14, 2017, & there will be many Seattle & Washington events including brunch and dinner specials, music, theater, art walks, & more."