Thursday, November 15, 2018

A Visual Inspection of a Sewer System.

This can be tricky, and it demands that a professional plumber do the inspecting.  You may be having your own system being inspected, or you are in the market to buy a Seattle area home from someone else and you want to make sure that the sewage system is in perfect working order.  Anything else could be financially devastating!

Here are some things that can be missed –

1.  Partially blocked sewer lines may be missed in their importance.
2.  A cracked heat exchanger.
3.  Hidden electrical problems.
4.  Nearly unnoticeable leaks.

If you are going to have a visual inspection done on a home in the Seattle area why not call someone who has done this type of work for decades?  Shawn Allen, a Snohomish plumber knows the ins and outs of our area’s sewer systems.  He is even proud of that fact!  When you need a sewer inspection call Shawn at (425) 367-4744.

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