Wednesday, August 16, 2017

It seems like it is ALWAYS Raining around here!

You chose to live in the Seattle area for all of its inherent beauty, but you also have that little matter of 38 inches of rainfall every year.  The simple math tells us that is 3 inches a month.  Then there’s the snowfall.  With that comes the necessity of having a quality sump pump in your home to keep your head above water.

Installing a sump pump is not exactly an easy do-it-yourself job - in fact, it is considered “heavy construction” by many in the building trade.  There is the digging of the hole, the removal of the dirt, perhaps punching a hole through the exterior basement wall for the drainpipe, and more.  That is definitely NOT a DIY job!

You know whose job it is right?  If you have lived in Snohomish for any length of time you may know the name Shawn Allen.  Over the last 35+ years he has been your Seattle area sump pump installer and repair pro.  If you don’t know Shawn and your sump pump is on your mind visit his website at  Then call him at (425) 367-4744.

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