Thursday, June 1, 2017

Inspect that Sump Pump.

If there was ever a DIY job that was NOT meant to be done it is this one.  You might as well volunteer to be an underwater boat repairer.  Put on your SCUBA gear and dive in!  I don’t think so.  When a home’s sump pump goes down the family may be in panic mode.  The smell alone is enough to kill you.

A professional knows the 5 things to inspect on your sump pump system -

1.  The Alarm (if it exists)
2.  The Check Valve
3.  The Backup Power Source
4.  The Pit where the water gathers
5.  The Discharge Point

You don’t go messing around with these things yourself unless YOU are a master plumber.  In the Seattle area, BEFORE you experience a sump pump emergency you call Shawn Allen.  Shawn is your Snohomish master sump pump inspector.  Do not subject your family to that smell this summer!  Call (425) 367-4744 today.

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