Monday, March 13, 2017

Getting to the Root of the Problem.

No doubt about it, the “root” cause of sewer problems is more often than not caused by the deep roots of trees on your property.  It is quite simple really.  If you own a home or business for any length of time the roots have reached deeper and deeper into the ground.  Eventually there will be a confrontation with the sewer line.

What is the purpose of a tree root anyway?  Well, the root keeps the tree upright and stores food, water, and other nutrients.  This is a living organism after all, so it will do everything that it can to preserve its life and health.  As far as grasses and garden plants go they have a fibrous root system that only grows in the upper soil so your sewer line is not threatened.

When push comes to shove those powerful, continuously growing roots will win the battle between nature and a man-made sewer line.  When that occurs, there is one clear-cut choice in the Seattle area.  That is Snohomish plumber Shawn Allen.  He has been “rooting” around sewers for decades.  Give him a call right away at (425) 367-4744.

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